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My Cat Picked a Bad Time to Swim

Waffle when he's dry

The weather has been a little nutty in Chicago this summer.  Between July 22 and 31, Chicago recorded over 11 inches of rain, the wettest July since 1889.  Basements flooded, trees fell, power was out.  That’s OK, we’ll survive, and in the surviving some funny things happened.

For example, it rained so hard one night (7 inches in 2 hours) that the storm water drains backed up into houses, including ours.  When we were shopping for houses, I didn’t remember a key selling feature of this house being occasional geysers in the laundry room.  It was impressive, in a bad way.  We screamed, turned off the power to the AC, and started grabbing items to haul upstairs.  We had less than 5 minutes before it was too late, wall to wall water.

Kevin headed outside to check on the neighbors and the outdoor situation.  I was compiling flashlights and other necessities for a blackout when I heard a SPLASH.  OK, so I’ve already heard the strange gurgling / spewing sound of the storm drain erupting for the first time.  I had no idea what a splash in the basement might be, so I went to inspect.  Our little orange cat, Waffle, was swimming in the basement!   Well, I don’t know if you’d call it swimming actually, the water wasn’t up over his shoulders, but he was having a good time.

I was scared the water was getting deeper and little Waffle might be electrocuted.  Really, why pick NOW to learn how to swim?  Is he insane?  And cats don’t come with they are called like dogs do.  Very inconvenient fact.  I raced upstairs to get food to entice him with, as Kevin comes back in the house and volunteers to fish out the cat from our new indoor swimming pool.

“OK, both of you, in the shower!  I’ll go get towels!”  Funny, when Waffle had to take a shower to get the dirty silt water off, he starts crying.  Oh now we decide to not like water.  Kevin is yelling the cat went ninja and he’s bleeding profusely, so I’m trying to catch the wet cat and lock him in a room and triage Kevin’s cuts, and it’s thundering and lightning like hell outside.  And I just have one question- are we having fun yet?  Sometimes you just have to laugh 🙂  The cat knows how to swim, check.

Musical pairing: “Night Swimming” REM, 1993