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Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign

Presidential Campaign Slogans: GenX Birth to the Present

In honor of the elections this week, I’ve compiled a list of the presidential candidate campaign slogans during our GenX lifetime.  Taking a look, political campaign slogans like to use the words ‘America’ and ‘Change.’ Often, Republican slogans focused on the candidate or feelings about the country, and Democratic slogans focused on the people or the future of the country. Sometimes candidates didn’t have official slogans, and informal messages were used on the side of campaign buses and in TV ads.  Some candidates used multiple slogans as the campaign developed.

My personal favorites, one from each political party, are: Reagan’s 1984 “It’s Morning Again In America” and Obama’s 2008 “Yes We Can!” I like them because they are positive, inspirational, and fit the time well.

My personal picks for worst campaign slogans are: Nixon’s 1972 “Nixon-Now More Than Ever” and Carter’s 1980 “We Did It Before, We’ll Do It Again.” Who are the ad wizards that came up with these slogans?!

Honorable mention for a third party campaign goes to: Ross Perot’s 1992 “Ross For Boss” slogan.  It’s awful from a marketing standpoint, but inspired some great SNL skit work.

Get out and vote! The longest campaign in our lifetime is almost over!

Year / Candidates Republican Slogan Democrat Slogan
1968Nixon / McCarthy Nixon’s the One To Begin Anew
1972Nixon / McGovern Nixon- Now More Than Ever Come Home America
1976Carter / Ford He’s Making Us Proud Again A Leader for a Change
1980Reagan / Carter Let’s Make America Great Again We Did It Before, We’ll Do It Again
1984Reagan / Mondale It’s Morning Again In America America Needs A Change
1988Bush Sr. / Dukakis A Kinder, Gentler Nation We’re On Your Side
1992Clinton / Bush Sr. [no official slogan] Save and Invest So We Can Win It’s Time To Change America
1996Clinton / Dole The Better Man for A Better America Building a Bridge to the 21st Century
2000Bush Jr. / Gore Reformer With Results Leadership for the New Millenium
2004Bush Jr. / Kerry [no official slogan]Moving America Forward Let America Be America Again
2008Obama / McCain Country First Yes We Can!
2012Obama / Romney Believe In America Forward

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